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How To Prepare For A Marine Survey
tidy boat Preparation of the vessel prior to the survey is beneficial in many ways. A clean, well ordered vessel with lockers accessible, stored clutter removed, fuel and water in the tanks, and a visual inspection by the owner or owner's representative of the on board systems prior to the survey helps to enhance the quality of the survey being performed. These are some items to consider and address prior to the day of the survey.

  1. The boat is accessible, lock combinations or location of keys have been provided to the surveyor.
  2. There is enough fuel in the fuel tanks for the sea trial, if required, and the run to the boat yard.
  3. Fresh water in the water tanks to operate the water heater and pressurize the fresh water system.
  4. Boat's batteries are charged.
  5. If a generator is on board have someone operate the genset prior to the day of survey.
  6. Ship's papers are on board and accessible.
  7. If a sea trial is required arrangements to have a designated captain to operate the vessel. The attending surveyor records the sea trial but does not operate the vessel.
  8. Lockers have been cleaned of stored gear. Sometimes it appears that boats are used for floating storage facilities. The surveyor can make better use of his time than rummaging through lazarettes storing ten years of miscellaneous gear.
  9. AC power is available to operate the 120/240 AC systems.
  10. Canvas boat covers have been removed.
  11. It is recommended that the client commissioning the survey be present, however please limit additional attendees to those operating the vessel or the owner/owner's representative. The day of the survey is not a "day sail" nor a party outing. During the survey the surveyor needs to focus fully on the job at hand. No alcohol consumption on the boat.
  12. If an independent diagnostic engine inspection is to be performed by a marine technician it is the responsibility of the party requesting the inspection to handle the logistics and scheduling of the inspection.

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